Interview, screen and run background checks on all our caregivers. With these processes in place, you’re sure to get someone who has been chosen to work with seniors based on verified qualifications.



With a robust caregiver pool managed by a dedicated team, we pair your loved one with caregivers best qualified to meet their needs.



Private caregivers typically work for themselves. Parent Helpers Caregivers are all employees working for the agency and they are all supervised to ensure that all the needs of your loved ones are met. This means you aren’t left to wonder if caregivers showed up on time and followed the care plan!



With Parent Helpers Home Care, if your regular caregiver is ill or out of town, you have the benefit of an additional caregiver pool and the agency’s scheduling staff to help fill shifts. With a private caregiver, you may be left to scramble your schedule to make sure your senior family member receives the help they need.



Parent Helpers Home Care only hires trained, experienced and professional caregivers. Conversely, private caregivers often have no regulatory oversight, which can be a frightening prospect if things go awry.

Choosing the best method of in home care for your loved one can be a monumental task. Parent Helpers Home Care will alleviate this problem for you by providing you with loving and dedicated caregivers to meet your entire home care needs.



We have Bonded and professional Liability insurance to protect our Clients and Staff.

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