Parkinson’s Care Caregiver



Parkinson’s disease is a disorder that affects the central nervous systems. As a result individuals with Parkinson’s disease have their movement effected. Parkinson’s disease alone is not fatal; however complications from the disease can be serious. Typically individuals that suffer with Parkinson’s disease partner with their doctor to come up with a plan to treat their symptoms.

One of the key aspects to their plan is how to face daily challenges and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Individuals living with the disease often find that simple tasks that were once easy are a struggle. Parent Helpers understands this stress and frustration. That is why our home care providers offer home care services that help individuals adjust to their new lifestyle while maintaining a quality life.

Our Parkinson’s care services are customized to meet your loved ones specific needs. Typically our home care services include but are not limited to:

• Helping with meals (meal preparation)
• Assisting with feeding
• Assisting with bathing
• Maintaining a safe environment
• Encouragement of exercise
• Housekeeping

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